Healthcare and nursing services

At our pharmacy, you can always count on our availability, discretion, attentive listening, sound advice on health conditions, and complete range of nursing services.

Private consultations

Quick referral to other specialists

Bilingual staff (English and French)


Vaccination is important.

We offer proven vaccination solutions tailored to your needs, by appointment only. We can also update your vaccination record.

Renew your prescription

We also offer free and discreet delivery.

Renewing your prescription at David St-Jean Gagnon Pharmacy is fast and easy. C’est simple et rapide.

Natural products

Natural health products at our pharmacy

Consultant pharmacist David St-Jean Gagnon specializes in common natural health products. We offer discreet delivery.

Expert advice

Prioritizing a holistic health approach, we provide sensitive and effective assistance to customers with or without health conditions such as: